RedLine’s Onsite Recruiting offers a range of services to support human resources, recruiting departments, or executives with the integral responsibility for managing and executing staffing in an organization.

RedLine search consultants work side by side with your corporate recruiters and are able to provide mentored recruiting services billed at reasonable hourly rates. RedLine Associates is a leader at assessing, establishing, and developing a corporate recruiting department for any type of  organization. This unique and cost effective approach to handling a company’s recruitment includes planning, offer execution, and strategic initiatives.

RedLine Associates truly forms an alliance with our clientele to ensure they fill their openings. Fees are either hourly or on a monthly retainer based on recruiting volume and situation. For companies with constant volume recruiting efforts,

RedLine Associates delivers a solid and current pipeline of pre-qualified candidates, all prescreened for hire when necessary. With our affordable rates-this type of onsite pipelining is an economical plan to manage staffing. Pipelining also gives our clients the confidence to make proactive personnel changes, as they know there is an available pool of pre-qualified applicants ready for immediate consideration. For consulting firms, this is also a great way to quickly take on new engagements without the risk of overstaffing. Please inquire with a RedLine Search Consultant if interested in hearing more about our Onsite Recruiting service.