Our Direct Search utilizes a proven methodology to help improve your company’s employee capital.

Our search process revolves around a proven methodology that will improve the human capital at your Company.  All completed searches are backed by our professional guarantee. Our search consultants are skilled professionals on specific industries including accounting, financial services, healthcare, legal, technology, manufacturing, and real estate. We understand the quality and level of commitment your company seeks in your next hire.  We offer both retained and contingency arrangements for our clients based on the parameters of the position.

A RedLine Search Consultant will take the time to thoroughly uncover the entire profile of your position by learning about the technical requirements and the intangible aspects of the job. The search consultant and his team will narrow down the top candidates from a large pool in your area. RedLine will discover quality active and passive candidates in the marketplace that are exclusive to Redline and available to interview with you.  After the initial pipelining and resume gathering for your review, we then conduct background and reference checks, assist in scheduling the interviews, provide candidate feedback, and help formulate an offer within your budget that will be accepted. Our clients find that using RedLine Search for their recruiting demands will increase the offer acceptance rate with their candidates by nearly 80%.